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There is no mountain too tall, slope too steep, or river too fast for a TUO™athlete. Our gear was created based on first-hand experience in situations where others have come up short or failed. We scour the global market for innovative materials, fabrics, patterns, and manufacturing techniques that can keep you comfortable and protected in the toughest conditions.

H-TUO™ Waterproof is a breathable membrane that allows excess heat & moisture vapor to escape while keeping water out. Waterproof garments also feature taped seams as a finishing touch to keep you dry.

H-TUO Technology illustration

AeroGuard™ Windproof is a breathable membrane that allows excess heat to escape while preventing harsh winds from penetrating to your core, keeping you warm.

AreoGuard Technology illustration

Polygiene StayFresh™ helps reduce odor from bacteria and OdorCrunch™ captures and inhibits odors allowing you to wear more and wash less.

Polygiene Technology illustration

A lightweight and breathable insulation, Paralite™ provides a higher fill power than similar weight polyester insulations, providing a lighter, warmer garment with less filling.

Paralite Technology illustration