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How do you move the needle for customers that truly depend on what they are wearing to get them ahead?  How do you take over a century of research and fuse it with the most modern, forward-thinking techniques to create something functionally meaningful that hasn’t been done before?

That’s what TUO Gear and Veil Camo set out to do together.  Bring together the most advanced ideas in concealment for a brand built for the goals of their community. 

There’s no mistaking this camouflage pattern.  It is bold in both form and function, bringing a remarkable set of capabilities for a discerning goal-minded hunter.  The range of use for this pattern extends to just about anywhere in the continental United States, minimizing limitations.  It uses bold contrast to its advantage to fight against isoluminance (color blobbing) and to obscure the hunter, wherever that hunt may take them.


We created Verse to be a powerhouse big game pattern.  That means up in the stand, down on the ground, and all over the map.  Its patterning is well suited for areas with light to thick vegetation, all year round.  We used everything we know about big game vision to optimize the shape and color of this pattern to ensure that your shape will be obliterated wherever they are.

Macro Disruption

Big silhouette-busting shapes that work to confuse the vision of the prey to both hide your form and remove you from being identified as a threat.  The core role of the Macro Disruption is to boldly counter the symmetry of the human shape, confuse the sense of distance, and obscure identification. The big shape disruption in Verse is designed specifically for big game.  Designed to counter human symmetry, its shaping was derived specifically from visual bias pulled from a wide variety of environments inhabited by these animals

Micro Disruption

Texture-based disruption plays a huge role in blending into your surroundings.  Rather than simply adding texture on top of the pattern elements, we embedded this micro-texture into the macro elements in both additive and subtractive ways, making it more effective at varying distances. The additive and subtractive elements in Verse contribute to its wild and confusing look, both blending you into your surroundings and eliminating identification.  These are smaller elements pulled from the environments that make for closer encounters and also work against animals with better color and overall vision like turkeys. 


Color was pulled from the targeted environments across the USA and referenced against sensitivities in the different families of predator and prey animals to ensure the best blend of environmental and seasonal shifts and effectiveness against those varied visual systems. Designed to work where the big game live, optimized against what they see and refined to extend across that environment and the entirety of hunting season.  

Fractals and Chaos

TUO Verse Camo uses both fractal and chaos math to develop our patterns the same way that nature builds itself.  It’s the visual signature of mother nature hard-wired into this pattern.

Biome Engine

TUO Verse Camo’s not-so-secret weapon.  We utilized our proprietary Machine Learning system called the Biome Engine to further implement visual cues pulled directly from the target environments.  It’s hide and seek on a whole new level.