3 Essential Summer Preparations for Bowhunters

3 Essential Summer Preparations For Bowhunters

The days are growing longer and hotter. Summer is just getting started and there is work to be done. Most bowhunters know that success in fall starts in the summer. The next few hot months offer ample opportunity to refine skills, scout locations, and ensure your gear is ready to go. Here are the three critical things all bowhunters should focus on this summer. 

3 Essential Summer Preparations For Bowhunters

1. Practice, Practice, Practice

One of the most fun things about bowhunting is how challenging it is. It’s extremely difficult to get within bow range of a monster whitetail buck. It’s also tough to pull off an accurate shot. Being proficient with a bow doesn’t happen automatically – you must practice. Summer provides an excellent opportunity to perfect your shot. Here’s how to make the most of your practice sessions:

  • Simulate Real Conditions: Practice in a bunch of different weather conditions and at different times of the day. Get used to what it feels like to shoot in the rain or the wind. Know how your pins look in low light and high light. You’ll be building adaptability and confidence for when that buck of a lifetime steps out in front of you. 
  • Vary Your Shots: Incorporate different shooting positions, such as kneeling, standing, and shooting from elevated positions like tree saddles. This variety prepares you for the unpredictability of real hunting situations and informs you about how your body and bow respond to different angles. 
  • Use Broadheads Occasionally: Most of my summer is spent shooting field points but I do spend a bit of time making sure my broadheads fly well. Most broadheads don’t shoot the same way your field points do without a little extra work. Make sure your bow is broadhead tuned and practice with the broadheads you plan to use during the season. 

Remember: regular practice right now can mean better form and strong muscle memory. This is the stuff confidence is made of. Shoot your bow!

3 Essential Summer Preparations For Bowhunters

2. Scout Your Hunting Grounds

Scouting is probably the most important thing you can do this summer to increase your odds of shooting a mature buck. Time spent in the woods directly correlates with success in the field. Use these next few months to explore and gather as much information about your hunting areas as possible. Here are some tips for effective scouting:

  • Identify Feeding and Bedding Areas: It’s simple but all good whitetail strategies are based off of this information. Understanding where deer spend their time sleeping and eating helps you determine the best places to intercept them and put a buck on the ground.
  • Look for Trails and Sign: Look for trails between bedding and feed. Pay attention to tracks, community scraps, and old rubs. These sorts of things will give you great insight into where deer move (and usually when). 
  • Use Trail Cameras: Place trail cameras in strategic locations to monitor deer activity over time. Often, bowhunters wait too long before putting out cameras. These little devices are fantastic for getting a sense of the type of deer in your area earlier in the summer. Later on, they’ll help you understand movement patterns as well.

Put in the sweat equity this summer. Get to know your hunting areas as well as possible – the habitat, the deer population, other animals in the area, etc. You’ll develop a better understanding of deer behavior and movement, and your success rate will go up.

3 Essential Summer Preparations For Bowhunters

3. Gear Maintenance and Preparation

Proficiency with a bow and a sound understanding of your hunt area has the biggest impact on your success this fall but don’t sleep on proper gear prep. You don’t always need the latest and greatest but having quality gear in good working order will pay dividends this fall. Use the summer months to ensure everything is in top condition:

  • Inspect Your Bow and Arrows: Check for signs of wear or tear. Replace worn-out strings, cables, or other parts of your bow. Fix fletchings, sharpen broadheads and make sure your arrows are in good shape.
  • Tune Your Bow: Make sure to double-check the tune of your bow. Sitting in the garage all winter takes its toll on your bow. You’ll be more accurate and deadly in the field.
  • Prepare Your Clothing and Equipment: Clothing is essential, as it’ll often have a huge impact on how long you can stay in the field and alert. Summer is an ideal time to inspect and prepare your hunting clothes – did anything wear out? Were there any holes in your system? TUO Gear provides great options for every layer a bowhunter needs. Their advanced patterns and moisture-wicking fabrics keep you concealed and comfortable, no matter what the weather is like. 

Extra note: check your climbing sticks, platforms, tree stands, and other equipment for stability and safety. A quick checkover can greatly reduce the risk of gear failure in the field.

3 Essential Summer Preparations For Bowhunters


Lay the groundwork for success this fall right now. Over the next few summer months, focus on three critical areas: practice your shooting, go scouting, and maintain your gear. You’ll be well-prepared for the challenges and opportunities that only bowhunting can provide.